Tetra Pak, Sweden


  • Operating in more than 150 markets with over 20,000 employees, Tetra Pak is committed to responsible industry leadership and generating profitable growth in harmony with environmental sustainability and good corporate citizenship. Their vision is to make food safe and available everywhere, while their mission is to work for and with their customers to provide preferred processing and packaging solutions for food.


  • Tetra Pak group is very pleased to have invested in a production facility here. Our investment dates back to 1997 when Tetra Pak purchased the factory of its licensee.


  • Since we have been producing for quite some time as a foreign entity, we can say that since the end of 2000 the situation has improved drastically. The economy has restarted and our output has been growing steadily. Today, we export to EU countries, as well as Russia.


  • In January 2009, Tetra Pak Serbia was rewarded for the consistent application of Total Productive Maintenance system and distinguished as a number one factory within the Tetra Pak family of 42 member companies. This award made Tetra Pak a "commercial ambassador" of Serbia, therefore they will continue to perform highly and maintain that position.


  • Tetra Pak is happy with its staff. Well educated and committed persons are performing well. The factory has seen its different efficiency ratio reach the level of other Tetra Pak factories. In many of these indicators, we actually are among the first 5 in Europe.